Leading with Spirit


Lisa Mahar

Lisa recently retired after 25 years as administrator of Monadnock WS. She has taught, was a co-founder of DANA, and has consulted with and advised schools across N America.

Michael Soule

Current co-director of Leading with Spirit Michael has 30 years experience in Waldorf Education as a teacher, administrator, consultant, advisor and trainer.

Mara White

Mara was a founder of DANA, member of the AWSNA Leaderhsip circle and has directed the Waldorf HS of Mass Bay for 15 years.

Marti Stewart

Marti has been the Administrator of City of Lakes Waldorf School for the past 12 years, regional DANA coordinator and co-director of LWS.

Chris Schaefer

For the past 50 years, Chris has been teaching, consulting and supporting organizations in creating health based on the social insights of Rudolf Steiner.

Sian Owen Cruise

Sian is currently School Administrator at the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, a regional ANA rep and member of the Accreditation Review Committee for AWSNA

Christine Scherding

Adjunct Associate

Christine has been a student of

Anthroposophy for over 30 years and has worked in Waldorf schools since 1999. Most recently she completed 10 years as Administrative Director at The Upper Valley Waldorf School in Vermont.