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Waldorf Board Training

Dear Colleagues,

Check out our fall offerings for Board Members (Prepared to Serve), Board Presidents (Courage and Insight) and Board and school leaders (The Art of Facilitation). See the flyer below.

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Connie Stokes

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Reflections from participants in the fall courses

The board training gave me more confidence in my role as a board leader and Lisa and Michael are lovely to work with.

A solid introductory board training led by deeply experienced and dedicated facilitators. Highly recommended for new board members (as part of their board orientation) as well as veteran board members (to reconnect with and remember the big picture as well as the details).

I see this training as a potential seed of a rich and dynamic network of those serving on Waldorf boards, which could potentially make a big difference in the Waldorf movement.

For new and more experienced board members, this workshop provides valuable tools and ideas to help us all serve with more compassion and creativity.

I highly recommend that all Board members take this training, even if you have a lot of experience being on a Waldorf School Board. The content is comprehensive but not overwhelming and the discussion was extremely helpful and inspiring. It was hugely valuable to meet with Board members from schools across the country. I also came out of the training with a greater sense of connection to the whole and that there is a much larger support system out there that can be tapped into.

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